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The North American Equine Ranching Information Council (NAERIC)

— Voice of the Equine Ranching Industry —

NAERIC is a non-profit association of equine ranchers that serves its members, the horse industry and general public as an agribusiness resource by providing the latest information and research on all aspects of the equine ranching industry—including equine ranch management, horse care, breeding practices and innovative marketing programs.


  • REPRESENTS equine ranchers in North America engaged in the collection of pregnant mares’ urine (PMU), a key source of hormones used in estrogen therapies for menopausal women
  • INFORMS AND EDUCATES the public about the equine ranching industry by providing accurate information on its progressive and responsible practices
  • MARKETS AND PROMOTES high quality horses bred on equine ranches that are in demand by horsemen of all disciplines throughout North America
  • ADVOCATES progressive science-based horse management techniques to ensure the highest possible care standards are utilized in the equine ranching industry
  • ENCOURAGES and DEVELOPS alliances among equine ranchers, breed associations, and equine industry experts by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information between these professionals
  • IS DEDICATED to ensuring the NAERIC brand represents overall quality


NAERIC light horses include popular breeds such as Quarter Horses, Paints, Appaloosas, Thoroughbreds, Standardbreds and others.


Blueboy Dreamer

  • Four-time All American Quarter Horse Congress Champion.
  • Reserve AQHA World Show Open Champion.
  • 2004 Open and Senior AQHA High Point Trail Horse.
  • 2003 AQHA High Point Junior Trail Horse.
  • apache

    Apache Blue Boy

  • Two-time AQHA World Show Amateur Champion in Amateur Dally Team Roping, Heeling event.

    From the show ring to the hunt field, from the dressage arena to the cross-country course, CanAm Sport Horses are beginning to be recognized for their exceptional disposition, athleticism, and versatility. CanAm Sport Horses, produced by breeding a Thoroughbred stallion to a draft cross mare, are eligible for the NAERIC Incentive Program and can also be registered with the Performance Horse Registry.



  • Blainville International Horse Show Champion.
  • 2004 Level 2 Dressage Champion at Blainville Show.
  • canam


    NAERIC draft horses, including Clydesdales, Belgians and Percherons, are well-suited for show and competition. These large horses are purposeful animals and may also be purchased for general farm or pleasure use.


    Creekside Nina

  • 2004 NAERIC Draft Horse Classic Futurity Overall Champion in Hitch, Line and Pattern classes.
  • This NAERIC registered Belgian mare was the second highest selling weanling at the 2002 NAERIC Draft Horse Classic Sale.
  • northernlightseros

    Northern Lights Eros

  • 2004 World Percheron Congress Champion in Junior Geldings, Yearlings and Two-Year-Olds.
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